Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Kreativ Blogger Award

While I was gone, I was nominated for a Kreativ Blogger Award! This is the first time anything like this has happened, so I'm flattered and surprised! I'm glad people are enjoying my blog and I'm glad I can share my passion with all of you! A fellow SEC girl and wonderful new blogger, Chrissy from Gotta Have It nominated me! So thank you Chrissy!

As part of this nomination, I get to nominate 7 other bloggers and email them that they've been nominated, give a little shout out to the person who nominated me (make sure you go follow her!!), and post 7 interesting facts about myself! So here we go:

7 interesting facts
1. My favorite movie is Forrest Gump
2. I have a one eyed cat named Dixie. She's a rescue kitty that I saved from being euthanized
3. I currently have lived in 4 states and plan on moving to my 5th after I graduate
4. I drive a big SUV
5. I only watch tv that has been recorded. Random I know, but I'm never home and my dvr of 42 recordings keep me busy!
6. My favorite food is pot roast, but I really just love all meat!
7. I judge movies on being good by if I cry or not (my dad always laughs at that one)

I wanted to nominate 7 blogs that are new like myself and awesome (duh)! So make you go check them out!!

Nominees for Kreativ Blogger Award (alphabetical order):
A Day in the Life of bBe
A Midwest Collegiate 
Homeward Bound
Love and Luxe
Sweet, Pink and Preppy
Two Kitties One Pittie
Yours Truly


  1. Aww! Thanks so much! You are too sweet! Xoxo

  2. Thank you so much! I'm flattered :)

  3. Love the blogs you nominated! And congrats on your 100th follower! So exciting!

    - Chrissy


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