Thursday, May 3, 2012


Okay so classes and finals are FINALLY done! Now its time to focus on this up coming weekend. I need to pick out two dresses, one for the derby (going to Keeneland) and then out for my birthday! I'm not about drawing a lot of attention to myself while out at the bars with what I wear (just how I act.... jokes people, jokes!). So I want to wear something I normally would when I go out, just a little bit better!

My dilemma (if you follow me on isntagram, you already know) is I don't know which dress to wear. I've narrowed it down to 6 dresses! Now I need your help. I'm going to post the dresses, my pros and cons for each and then ask you all to comment and help me decide! Lets get started:

Dress 1:

You can't really see it, but there's orange on the top of the dress

Dress 2:

Dress 3:

Dress 4:

(open back, ignore the bra!)

Dress 5:

Dress 6:

Now here's the plan: comment on here, facebook, instagram or twitter (@kristalinn14) telling me what number dress I should wear! You have to pick two! One for birthday and one for Keeneland. So it should look something like this:
Birthday: Dress #
Keeneland: Dress #

If you want to be amazing and tell me why that one is your favorite, it would be appreciated!! Thank you in advance for your help :) I need to know by tomorrow night!! (Friday May 4th). Y'all are the best! Can't wait to hear your thoughts!


  1. dress #1 for birthday, dress #3 for keeneland! you look great in both! happy early birthday :D

  2. Dress #1 for birthday and dress #4 for Keeneland!! Have fun this weekend!!

  3. Well as one of your besties... I'm loving #2 for Keeneland! SO CUTE! And b-day I'm digging #3 :)

  4. Dress #2 for Kenneland and Dress #1 for your birthday! :)

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  6. 3 for birthday and 4 for Keeneland! :)

  7. #1 for birthday - this is a GREAT "night out on the town" dress especially for a 21st b-day
    #6 for Keenland - love the summer-y look, it screams derby dress
    And if you ever spring clean your closet let me know, I'll buy it ALL!!! Have fun this weekend!

  8. Dress #1 for your birthday! It accentuates your curves and you look beautiful in it without showing off a ton of skin - very classy for your 21st!
    I'd go with the 4th dress for Derby at Keeneland :) The green gives it a bright boost and I love love love navy.
    Hope you have a great weekend! Love your blog :)

  9. Birthday: Dress #1 - for your 21st you want a dress that is gonna stay where you put it & it is a great fit!
    Keeneland: Dress #2 - the colors are perfect for spring & Keeneland!
    Have fun :) You will look great in any of them you choose.

    Love the blog,


  10. Dress #5 for your birthday! Dress #2 for Keeneland!!
    Hope you have a wonderful 21st birthday and a great weekend!
    You will look gorgeous no matter what you wear though :)

  11. Dress # 5 for your birthday
    Dress # 3 For Keeneland

  12. Birthday: 3
    Keenland: 4

  13. Keenland: 6 Lilly is always perfect for derby!!
    Birthday: 3 Fun colors subtle way to stand out on a night that you should
    Happy birthday!

  14. 3 birthday
    4 or 2 keeneland
    What is the dress to the far left in the first pic you posted? Looks adorable too!

    Happy Birthday, enjoy your weekend!

  15. I love 3 for Keeneland and either 2 or 4 for your birthday. 2 reminds me of ribbons and bows. I love 1, but to me I would wear that work but it is gorgeous.

  16. Where is #1 from? I love that dress. FANTASTIC for a bday.

  17. Birthday: Dress #4 (I think the colors are suitable for a night time dress and it has interesting details to be special for your birthday)

    Keeneland: Dress #3 (And I think this is a fun flirty dress to wear during the day for the derby with really sweet girly details)

    hope I helped ya!

    :) Alicia

  18. Dress #1 for birthday
    Dress #2 for kenneland-love the bright colors!!

    Have an awesome b-day!!

  19. Birthday: Dress #1
    Keeneland: Dress #2

    Dress #1 is the perfect polished preppy feel, but with some good heels will be the perfect 'going out w/out trying too hard' look - you'll be irresistible!

    Dress#2 is PERFECT for the races! The stripes feel a bit like color blocking so its modern and fresh, and the silhouette of the dress is the perfect tea dress to wear to the horse races! Plus with all those colors you're sure to find a matching HAT!!!! (ps - PLEASE wear either cute flats or wedge shoes to the races...don't embarrass yourself by wearing a pair of stilettos)

    Have a great time!

  20. Birthday: Dress #1 - this the perfect dress for your 21st! i wish i had something like this for mine!
    Keeneland: Dress #2 - this dress just screams wear to me the races!

    LOVE following your blog!

    Have a great birthday and a blast at the races!

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  22. love dress #1! Where is it from?!


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