Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Where in the World

If you haven't noticed, I have been completely MIA for the past few days. One word: finals.

Finals are a week away and classes are currently in dead week. I think they call it dead week because the students literally die from the overload of homework, papers, presentations and procrastination. It's hard to believe the semester is almost OVER! Eek! Where has the time gone?! And how exactly do I get it back?

The past few days have consisted of me in (dare I say it) in sweats. Yuck right? I'm usually opposed to ever wearing sweats in public but when it comes to 12 hours at a time at the library, my main concern is comfort. I had two major papers due today, 10 pages each, and a presentation all due today. Another presentation and take home exam due Thursday. Remember how I mentioned dead week? It just might kill me...

I'll be back on the blogger grind normally again come Thursday. Until then, I will leave you with some homework and study photos
 The only picture you get of my sweats!

Pretty day out!

Study present from my little, T. She knows the way to my heart

Pandora "Classical Radio" is the BEST for study music!

 Pandora was showing some love for me as well:

Most aggravating part... Pandora is so needy!

Had another little, M, visit me. #snoopin through my stuff


 My cave and the beautiful mess that comes with studying:

I'll post the outfit for my presentation today on tomorrows blog post!
If you can't wait until then, make sure to follow me on instagram and twitter!
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  1. Good Luck on all your exams and presentations Krista! Maybe Andrew and I will see you out celebrating this weekend :)

  2. good luck! oh man. finals week is the ONLY part of college i don't miss. other than that, i miss college like whoa. haha :)

  3. Good luck with all your finals! You can do it!!! Summer is so close for you! I still have this week and two more weeks of classes and then finals...

    1. Thank you!! I just need to keep reminding myself it will be over soon! Good luck with your last weeks as well!

  4. Good luck with your finals!! I love that little cartoon.. I'm definitely a zombie by the time finals are over!

    1. thanks girl! I definitely feel like a walking zombie right now


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