Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Atlanta Day 7 & 8

Last two days in Atlanta :( But no worries! I'll be back in 3 days (can't get enough right?) to watch the CATS PLAY IN THE SWEET SIXTEEN! Woooo! Until then, here are some pictures for ya

Here's my only picture from Sunday: 

And my outfit from today on my drive home:
Top: Everly From BlueTique Found Here
Shorts: BlueTique Found Here
Shoes: Jack Rogers
Necklace: Target

To wrap-up, here are all my outfits from the weekend:

Also, check out these shoes at DSW! Audrey Brooke makes some very familiar shoes. I love to shop and I love to buy designer things, but when something is SO expensive I find myself settling for look alikes. Because why spend $200 on a pair of shoes when you can get like 10 pairs for the same amount!

Anyway, check these out

Audrey Brooke $45
Tory Burch $225

Audrey Brooke $40
Tory Burch $75

I mean, they look pretty similar! What do you think?


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