Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Atlanta Day 2

Another wonderful day in Atlanta! Spending my time catching up on movies and being super lazy, while also getting my workout in and planning my bracket! And of course, here are some pictures :)

Favorite pair of sweat pants (maybe because they're the only pair I own) Two favorite teams, and two wonderful kitties

 Super stressful!!! Easiest part was picking the winner :) I'll post the rest of my bracket later!

Outfit of the Day:
Top: Spenser Similar Here
Jeans: Flying Monkey
Shoes: Me Too
Watch: MK Runway

These shoes are SO comfortable!!! I highly recomend them to everyone! Wanna know the best thing? They're great knock offs... I found this picture after I bought these shoes! Check it out:

Have a great day!


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