Friday, February 10, 2012

"Trends" That need to be avoided

Before I start, let me make two points:

1. When I say the next list are trends, I mean them as "trends." Some of these actually are trends, while others are just things that I see a lot of people wear

Think of this moment every time I use air quotes

2. The next list are strictly my opinion. It's just simply what I link and I don't mean to offend anyone or come off mean in the process of this list.

Now let's get on to the post. There are simple things that peeve me. When I'm walking around campus I constantly look at what others are wearing. I do this for the simple reason that I love clothes. I like to see what others are wearing, the style they have, and the message they're trying to convey. There are some style choices that I've seen a lot of, and I want to come out and say that I'm not a fan. Some, like I said are... I mean.. were trends, and some are just style choices of people in the area.

First off.. 

Jeans and tennis shoes
I can't stand it. This is the worst of the worst. Wearing JEANS and TENNIS SHOES?! Unless you are a parent, nurse, or male, please stop. Girls have so many choices of shoes we can wear and we should be very grateful for it. I understand they're comfortable, but I'm simply just not a fan of girls my age wearing this combination. But at the same time, I hate frayed and flared jeans.. so that could be a big part of it too.

for shoes: wear sperrys, boots, or loafers.
for pants: yoga pants and sweats

Since we're on the topic of pants, let's talk about my next trend to be avoided..

Frayed and destroyed denim
First off, why would you buy jeans that are already ruined? Thats the time when you throw them away! Also it looks so trashy when the bottom of your jeans are frayed. Your jeans shouldn't be long enough that they're dragging in the first place. I thought this look was out a few years ago, but I saw some girl walking around campus yesterday. Uhhh

Instead: throw away anything with holes

Slouch suede boots:
This were VERY popular last year. Everyone had them and they were everywhere. But this year the look is leather riding structured boots. When a trend becomes so popular that it becomes overused, it makes me not like it as much anymore. I'm not sure why, but it's always been that way with me. I admit to having a few pairs of these, but I haven't worn them in some time now. It really bothers me how after even just a couple wears the boots start to look really worn and dirty! But I really love my riding boots and I suggest all to switch over. You wont be dissapointed!

Instead: Riding boots

I've never been a huge fan of rompers. Maybe it's because they don't look good on me, or maybe it's because they really don't look good on anyone. It's a interesting idea, making it one big outfit, but I have yet to see a romper that I'm really impressed with. Plus how exactly do you go to the bathroom in those things? They come in all styles and material. The worst I think are the denim ones, but that's just my opinion!

Instead: separates!

Leggings as pants:
We all love a good pair of leggings. They're comfortable, affordable and stylish! But one thing I can't stand is when girls wear them as pants! I'm not talking about when you pair a oversized shirt or sweater with it, or really anything for that matter that covers your butt. I'm talking about when girls wear a regular shirt and their whole butt is showing! It's so unappealing. I don't know who made this particular trend popular, but someone needs to tell these girls otherwise.

Instead: Any top that covers your butt or jeggings! 

So that's my top 5 list! Things that were cut included: pea coats, gold hoop earrings, coach purses, and vera bradley bags besides the weekend duffles. Some things I predict going out of style in the next few seasons are ugg boots, tight mini skirts and cut out shirts/dresses.

What are your thoughts? Am I wrong about anything or do you agree? 



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  2. Agree with all of these. ;) Additionally, I am so over the Coach purse fad, too. Something just rubs me the wrong way when I see one of those tacky sateen (which is for sheets, btw) handbags with C's all over it. And I've hated leggings as pants since day 1. Way to leave nothing to the imagination, ladies/hos.

    But I do have a nice camel peacoat... lol.


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