Tuesday, February 14, 2012

STEP into my shoes

I wanted to take a moment to talk about my Tuesady's and Thursday's EVERY week. The whole day I am constantly walking between two of the main buildings on campus. Both of which happen to have their elevators out of service for the next 2-3 months

I'm all about being healthy and taking the stairs as long as it's not over 2 flights. The problem is I'm on the 3rd floor for both of my classes. Let me just take you through my day:

I leave my apartment and walk to building "F" (that's what we're going to call it). Walk down two flights of stairs from the apartment, across campus and down these:

Right when I'm done with those, I look up and see this:

Whew! I'm in the building and am reminded that the elevator is out. 
So now it's three flights of these:

While I'm walking up, I find myself being mocked by this little sign...

like I have a choice! the elevator is OUT

(remember this is all just for my first class)
After class 1 is over I walk to building "W"
(Currently at spot B going to spot A)

so back down the three flights, down these

In building W I walk up these 2 floors

during the day I go from F to W to F (stay for two classes) and end in W. 
You would think I would have made it easier on myself.
For those of you keeping score at home, that's over 500 stairs a day (1000 including up and down)

Luckily I have a great friend who has all the same classes as I do so we climb the steps together. We better have the best legs on campus by the end of the semester


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