Saturday, February 25, 2012

Steal of the day!

Yesterday I was walking through Dillards (love) and they're having a big shoe sale! Of course I was had to look! And this is what I found:
Gianni Bini: Originally: $70 Sale: $30
Antonio Melani: Originally: $90 Sale: $45
 I will admit they are very similar, but I promise they are completely different! Different color, style and height!
I couldn't decide between the two. So I decided to buy them both and then return the one I don't think I'd wear as much. When I got to check out I found out it was EXTRA savings on the already marked sale's price. Got both shoes, NO JOKE, for $13 and $10. Ummm yes please! I love them both and they're at a GREAT price! Now they're both mine :) Woot woot!

I couldn't find them online anymore, but there are similar shoes here!


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