Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Perfects

Here are a list of my "The Perfect_____" items. Things I use everyday- all day long!

The Perfect Everyday Bag: Longchamp Le Pliage
I carry this bag everywhere with me. It's durrable, HUGE, and stylish! I carry it to class with all my books, to work with all my snacks, the gym with all my clothes and it's wonderful for traveling. The straps are long enough to wear over your shoulder. The brown trim with any color bag makes it look very clean and cute! I have a navy and a yellow for right now. I want more of course but these bags will run you around $150. They come in all sizes, shapes, and handle lengths. It's definitely an investment and money well spent!

The Perfect Sandals: Platinum Jack Rogers
These shoes, as I've mentioned before, are some of my favorites! They can dress up and down an outfit. Perfect for summer and even better for Lilly! I will warn you, they hurt the first few times you wear them, but thats because you have to break them in. Every preppy girls closet should hold at least one pair of these!

The Perfect Purse: LV Speedy
These bags may look small, but let me tell you, they hold EVERYTHING. I can stuff 3 shirts and a pair or shoes in the 25 (smaller speedy). I know this because I've done it before! These purses are such a staple when I'm not using my everyday bag. People can spot them from a mile away. LV is just a really great brand with great products. There are plenty of knock-off bags like these out there so if LV is out of your budget, I would start there! eBay also has great prices on pre-loved bags!

The Perfect Running Shoe: Asics
This was a hard one because I just recently bought some new Nikes. I wore my asics literally down to the core. I have really bad knees, and get shin splints easily so my local running store recommended asics. I loved them. I want more, in every color! They were perfect through and through. It just came time to get a new pair and others were on sale!

The Perfect Workout Clothes: Nike Dry Fit Tempo Running Shorts
These shorts can't be beaten. I have an obsession with these shorts (check it out). Everything about them. There are companies that try and mimic these shorts, but it just can't be done. I wear them everywhere, but mainly to the gym! Take my word for it: once you try them you'll look back and think why you ever loved another pair of shorts more.
 The Perfect Shampoo: Moroccan Oil
My hair dresser turned me onto moroccan oil products. Um can you say OBSESSED?! Not only does it smell wonderful, it makes my hair shinny, smooth, and healthy! I've been through over 100 different types of shampoo and nothing compares to this! Love. Just love.

The Perfect Jeans: Flying Monkey 
Well these really aren't jeans, they're jeggings. I mention them almost everyday, so sorry if you're getting tired of hearing about them. But I can't say enough good things about these jeans! They sell them at my work and I honestly either own every color or have them on hold. I used to be a jean snob and only wear R&R, sevens, COH, joe's, and true religion. But wow, these jeans make me not want to go back!

The Perfect Earrings: Pearls
Is there anyone in the world that has a bad thing to say about pearls? They're clean, classy, cute, comfortable and everywhere! My pearls are a staple in my day to day attire. I wear them to bed, the gym, work, even in the shower! They rarely ever leave my ears! They go with everything- promise! If there is anything on this "perfect" list that you should have, it's a pair of pearls!

What are your perfects? I'd love to hear them!


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  1. I totally agree with you on the Longchamp bag! I have the same one (in navy too!) and use it every day!


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