Saturday, February 4, 2012

No Shame Saturday

I have been looking forward to Saturday for the past two weeks! Why you may ask? Because I have deemed today my "No Shame" Saturday.

My trainer for the past two weeks has put me on this new meal plan. I contains a lot of protein and vegetables. So since Christmas, I haven't really had "bad" food. Some things I really miss are: chocolate, Canes, a McDoubble, chips (mainly Doritos (my love)), pizza, sweet potato fries from Hugh Jass (they're covered in cinnimon sugar and have marshmallow dipping sauce) and cookies. Basically all the good stuff. My trainer however told me once a week, for one meal I can have whatever I want. Yes yes WHATEVER I want! He said I need one meal that really shocks my blood sugar, which will help boost my metabolism. When he told me this my head instantly filled with what I was going to eat. Some ideas were:

1. pizza covered in ranch and Doritos with marshmallow dipping sauce 
2. pizza covered in canes sauce, cookies on the side, and jamba juice
3. canes 3 finger combo, Doritos, and reese's

The first two were kind of a joke, so of course the winner was idea number 3. Sounds gross right? You try going six weeks without any of your favorite food, let it sit in your mind for two weeks that you can have one meal of whatever you like and you tell me how it turns out. I promise it will look pretty similiar.

So that's why today is my No Shame Saturday. 

Here's the before picture:
Mouth Watering
And here's the after
I could only eat a couple Doritos and half the reese's, but I pretty much felt like this:

I almost feel like this was a joke from my trainer. The food didn't taste nearly as good as it used to, my stomach is talking to me (very loudly), and I'm instantly sleepy. I can't imagine how I ever used to eat these things everyday! Once I started eating healthier, I really did start to feel better. Maybe next week I'll go less crazy and remember how I'm feeling right now..


Another part of my No Shame Saturday is my outfit! It's supposed to rain all day long and the sun is no where to be found. I also don't have anything to do today (as you can see from my day yesterday) so no need to really leave the apartment other than my workout later. I will note that I rarely EVER go out of the house in full sweats. I thought today was on the edge of this "no sweats" thing, but it looked good enough for me.

I did however run into work to see the very wonderful B! She's the best :) And how nice of her, finally started reading my blog! (After I told her to do so from the beginning) Look at how cute she looked today!!! I told her I had to take a picture for the blog, so here it is!

Whole outfit (glasses included): Bluetique!
Now after seeing this cute outfit, let's look at mine.... (cover your eyes)
Oversized sweatshirt, leggings, rain boots, and a scarf will do for today!

Scarf: BlueTique (only $10!)

Sweatshirt: Old, no tag

Boots: Sperry's Linked Here

Leggings: Forever 21 (old) Talked about and worn here
I guess I was trying to go for this look:
 Close enough, right?

Now it's back to curling into a ball and sleeping until my stomach feels better... Not really, but man do I wish! Don't judge me for wearing sweats outside the house. Remember... NO SHAME!


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