Monday, January 23, 2012

My Style: Neon

The brightest of bright colors? Neon of course! I was just telling a friend of mine last month, after passing by Wet Seal, that I thought the neon fad was over. After spring break party goers ruined it by adding everything neon to their alcohol and parties, I realized I wanted to be done with it. Neon hats, shirts, koozies- everything. It was fun while it lasted, but it's time to lock up your things in the vault and move on.

That was until I saw these:

Who would have thought! A fashionable way to wear neon that has nothing to do with spring break! I love the idea of wearing all black with a neon skirt! SO cute! Be on the lookout for neon this spring and summer. I have a feeling it will be big. I even was able to snag a few neon things at BlueTique. I fell in love with a neon pink belt goes with EVERYTHING! Surprising right?

xx Krista Linn


  1. Pops of bright color like that are amazing!

  2. Where is that gorgeous necklace from in the first pic? How fun!!

  3. here you go!


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