Sunday, January 22, 2012

About kRl

As long as I can remember I've been obsessed with clothes. Clothes and fashion. I know that every girl says that, but I think I might see clothes differently than they do. When I go shopping, my eyes are scanning every article of clothing in the store, my hands touch all the different materials and I can tell with 99% certainty what exactly it's made of, and my mind is constantly thinking about different ways to do things. For example: I see a shirt and I realize it's hideous. It takes me about a second to think of a better material, print, style, or cut to make it more sellable. Now I see I shirt I do like. It takes me another second to think about who this would look best on, what they should pair with it, where they can wear it, and a price I think it would sell. So when I say I really am obsessed with clothes, is almost an understatement.

All of the things in my day to day life seem to focus around clothing and fashion. Like whenever I'm in class- I pay attention to all the different styles, brands, and ideas that people wear and the messages they want to send. I think about what looks good on people, what doesn't and what, if anything, I would change. I can spot a designer about a mile away, and I can spot a fake even further. Not to say that I'm a designer snob, I just know what to look for and I just seem to really pay attention.

With no surprise, I work in retail. I work at a little boutique in Lexington, KY (where I go to school) called "BlueTique." It's a precious little store that has some of the cutest clothes for relatively cheap! Nothing in the store is over $70! I joke with my boss that he should just pay me in gift cards instead of actual money because at any given time I have about 10 things on hold. So paycheck=new clothes from BlueTique! If you're ever in Lexington, come check it out!

Now on to the good part: My Style! It's pretty easy to say that my style is preppy. I love bright colors, loud prints, boots, stripes, pearls, blazers, dresses, and anything else you can imagine that would fall into "preppy." A good place to check out my style, what I want to have, and what I do already have (if this blog isn't enough) is my pinterest account! You can follow me here!

I started this blog because I follow a lot of other fashion blogs, and I find myself constantly checking them, drooling over them, and realizing how easy it would be! I just need to stay up with it! It all hit me one day when I was on pinterest wanting to make my whole "Clothing" board a reality in my closet. I was thinking about where to buy these new things and where to find the money! (That's always the hardest part) I stopped for a second and realized I had something very similar to that in my closet. So off I ran and realized I didn't need the exact same thing because I already had something just like it! Then I found myself in my closet pulling all different sorts of outfits and started taking all these pictures. Then another thing hit me- first thing to do for my new blog: either find a friend to take pictures of me, or find a full length mirror! (My cat had nocked over the last one a few months back and I hadn't replaced it yet) Because I found it's really hard to take a picture of yourself while still trying to show off the outfit without one of these things!

The next day for work, I decided to wear one of the outfits I put together and took a picture of myself in the mirror there. I edited the picture through instagram (you can follow me here) and decided to put it on Facebook! (picture below)

And the feedback I received was great! So I started taking pictures every time I went to work and posted them through instagram again. My friend then suggested I should start a blog and post them there while talking about each outfit, where I bought it, and how easy it is to duplicate! So now here I am starting this blog, new mirror and all. I'm excited, pumped, nervous, but ready to embark on this new project.

PS- I'm more of a visual learner with super ADHD so this will be about all the text you see from one post! I like pictures, hope you do as well, because there will be a lot of them!

Can't wait to get started :)

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